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Terminal Services and 1.2

  • Has anyone tested KAV 1.2 with terminal services (remote desktop server) ?

    I'm aware that it isn't officially supported, though Kaspersky works quite happily with TS boxes (we have it running on several). What I'm interested in is whether it actually works or not with the kaseya implementation.




  • This topic is also relevant to my interests. I will be testing this as soon as I can get access to 1.2.

  • I am downloading version 1.2 right now. Am interested to test this out. Have been waiting for the server suitable version for far too long.

    Will be doing some testing on a test termserver first. I happen to be running up a new Server 2008 R2 termserver to replace our aging server 2003 environment.

  • Hi Aswinn,

    Did you get give it a test? What did you find?


  • oliverm,

    Unfortunately we did not, as we needed to hunt down some server KAV licences after install which we didn't have and we have officially made the decision to ditch KAV from our systems after approx 4 months of use.

    The latest 1.2 update broke the KAV agent install process, the new reporting on current AV engine was incorrect as well and combined with some negative feedback in the forums we have decided to cut our losses and move aware from an immature product.

    Instead we are implementing the GFI VIPRE product throughout our network which has an extremely nice and full featured console that 'just works'. The agents function well on endpoints and are very minimal with resources, plus there are easy options to hide the agents from end users if we choose plus some other options which better suit mobile users.

    For the immediate future we are not going to be considering any addition of extra modules unless we can see some evidence of maturatity/stability.We will stick just to the core product which we know works reasonably well.

  • Hi Aswinn

    Interesting decision. Certainly we have been holding off KAV1.2 for the very same reasons and certainly we aren't looking at adding any further modules to our KAV install before our payment plan ends, again for the same reasons.

    I've look at VIPRE before and it's a great package. Are you going to manage it via Kaseya scripts still or are you going to roll out the management tool to each client server ?