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Full offline KAV and KAM install

  • Is there an option to download the full install for KAV? When doing rollouts of KAV my clients are left unprotected up to several hours while kaseya pushes the install package.

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  • as far as i know that is not an option yet (might be in KAV1.2)

  • strike 20 for KAV! Thanks for the response Hans.

  • Wouldnt matter anyway, the package as delivered from the server contains definitions from June 2010 (over a year old)..

  • Actually buddy it would matter! That would allow me to install the software and only have to download the definition files instead of the whole 85MB package. When deploying to multiple client sites with varying internet speeds having a full install can save a lot of time and trouble

  • Any word from Kaseya on this?  I would love to avoid pushing 85MB each time for a group of clients with limited access or be able to sit at their station and load it when it fails without any clear reason why.

  • is there an update on if there is an offline install i am getting sick of it failing for no reason i have spend 5 hours trying to get it onto one system with no luck

  • I'd LOVE to get an update here.

    If there are installs that are failing for any reason, please get those into us so we can fix the reason for hte failure

    KAV 1.2 now includes an option to use agent procedures to install from a local file source.  Take a look at the WIKI on how to do that.


  • how do you want the infomation Jeff

    happy to give you logs if it will get this problem fixed for me