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KAV Scanning Network Drives

  • How do you tell KAV not to scan any network drives?

  • Add exceptions for the drive letter in the profile for KAV

  • So to cover all possible drive mappings that a user may have I'll need to add exclusions for E:\, F:\, G:\... Z:\. I sure hope this is addressed in the upcoming (hopefully) v1.2 update.

  • It is my understanding (and I'm not a Dev or Support guy) that this default setting was changed in a recent hotfix. Around the beginning of August).  

    If you are running KAV v1.1 and are current on hotfixes KAV should not be scanning network drives as the default.  You can make sure the new code gets tot he endpoints by running the "Install > Verify" Function from the "Machines" Page

    Good luck!