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KAV clearing IE cache

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This has become a very odd problem since it is only occurring on 1 computer out of 30 that I have KAV deployed on. When the user is surfing and for example, is on Facebook, they are constantly prompted to re-enter her password after a period of time while their IE instance is still open the entire time. This is not only on Facebook, but seems to be on any site that uses session cookies to keep users logged in. I have verified that all of the Privacy settings are correct for IE for cookie handling and that all other settings match the rest of their organization. The only way that I have found to stop this from happening is by Disabling Protection in KAV, which is NOT a long term resolution. I have Googled this several different ways, but have not found a resolution. Please let me know if anyone else has run across this, and how it was fixed. Thanks.

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  • As a test, have you tried excluding the cache folder from KAV?

  • I have not, but that does not seem like a long term solution since it will negate the protection. I will test this to see.

    When this occurs, there is nothing that shows up in the "Threats detected" or in the logs. It looks like there is something in the background that is running the "Erase Your Activities History" on some sort of interval, but I do not see anything that could be running this.

    My theory is there is a regkey that is improperly set that is causing this, but there is no documentation that I have found that proves this. It has to be in the HKLM as well, because I have deleted the user's Windows profile and added a new one, and this behavior still occurs on the new profile.

  • I thought the test might allow you to verify that it has something to do with KAV and not some other, as yet unknown, process.