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Global trusted Apps and exclusions

  • within the globaltrustedapps.xml you can define very specific files and exe's to exclude.  From the looks of it, you cannot exclude wildcard filenames (or at least I have seen no examples of that.

    Are you able to use wildcard exclusions for skipping the scan of specific file extentions like mdb, PST's, OST's ,etc without defining a path to them (since some files could be anywhere)

    Does Kasepersky automatically exclude Network folders (which has caused us so much grief in AVG land)?

  • Hi Mark, I believe you can make general exceptions like *.pst and *.mdb under the KAV profile settings - no need to modify the globaltrustedapps.xml for that. Check the help for full details. The globaltrustedapps.xml is (currently) where you record applications that you don't want Kaspersky to 'block' from taking action, e.g. we've had to put c:\...\winword.exe in there because KAV was blocking Word 2003 from writing the autosave file on one site.

    I'm not sure about network folder scanning but for what its worth I've seen no evidence of it on the networks we've deployed it to.

  • Son of a....

    I swear I went through the help and couldn't find anything about wildcard exclusions so i went ahead and decided to proved you wrong..

    damn... :o)

    Supported exclusions include:

    Masks without file paths

    *.exe - all files with the exe extension

    *.ex? - all files with the ex? extension, where ? can represent any single character

    test - all files with the name test

  • hopefully the global Trusted apps will be exposed in the 1.2 interface as its available on the client settings to add an app (like LogMeIn) to allow a remote session to change Av settings