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License Display Adjustments -- Need your feedback

  • Hi Gang,

    I've received a lot of great feedback on how we can improve the presentation of license-data and I agree with all of it, so it's time to make some adjustments.  As of this post, when looking at license information, you get the following information:

    Total Purchased to date: 25
    Currently Installed: 3
    Expired: 0
    Partial: 1
    Pending install: 0
    Available Licenses: 22

    Or you might simply see something like this (depending on your location in the Antivirus Module):

    Total devices: 1
    Available Licenses: 22

    While this is useful, it doesn't tell the whole story because there are certain "states" a license can be in, that aren't always reflected in the summary above.  This can cause confusion and doubt about the accuracy of the information presented.

    In an effort to provide greater visibility into the state of all purchased licenses, we've come up with a possible revision, and I'm sharing it with you to see if you find the new license-state labels to be more logical.  A description of each license state will also be included to simplify interpretation:

    Purchased Licenses
    Full Available Licenses (Purchased not allocated or installed or expired)
    Allocated Licenses (Scheduled for install, but install not yet complete)
    Applied Licenses (Active license applied to a machine)
    Partial Available Licenses (Formerly assigned to a machine but returned to pool before expiration)
    Partial Allocated Licenses (Partial Available that has been scheduled for install, but install not yet complete)
    Total Licenses (purchase licenses minus expired)
    Expired Licenses 

    If you're curious as to how the new names map to the old names, here's the translation:

    Old Name > New Name
    Purchased > Purchased
    Available > Full Available Licenses 
    Pending Install > Allocated Licenses
    Currently Installed > Applied Licenses
    [Not currently displayed] > Partial Available Licenses 
    [Not currently displayed] > Partial Allocated Licenses 
    Total Purchases to date > Total Licenses
    Expired > Expired

    I know that may seem like a lot of license information--but I think it's better to provide more information than necessary, than not enough.

    Thoughts?  Suggestions?

  • Hi Jeff, looks much better than the old one.


  • Makes much more sense now, especially for when you have to explain to people that "Pending" licenses are used but not installed.

    A slightly related thing I'd like to see is a way of "reclaiming", or "revoking" licenses (KAV / KES) - system is deleted before licenses were retrieved.  Eg: Failed / stolen hardware, reinstalled OS without uninstalling license, etc... Possibly a count ( or list?) of systems which would fall into this category?

  • Great feedback.  Thank you!

    And regarding the license reclamation question:

    The good news is that the license reclamation process is entirely automated.  If you delete an agent that had a KES/KAV/KAM license assigned, the license (because it was already in use) is returned to the pool as a "partial/available" license and becomes available for redeployment on another machine.  Keep in mind that you need to delete the agent for this to occur--otherwise the system will just assume that the agent is between-check-ins and leave the license assigned to that machine.

  • Looks better than the current, but please don't make it disappear like the current.  I have to keep doing mouse overs to get the whole picture.


  • Agreed Jack.  We'll definitely change that.

  • Newbie to Kaseya and possibly just made a rookie mistake. Had a system with KAV and KAM installed. Hard Drive died. New Hard drive installed, OS etc. Agent reinstalled. Merged old agent with new one (Agent Rename section). So did I just screw up my KAV/KAM licensing as I see no "partial licenses" that can reinstalled. Just option to reinstall and cost another license.

    Thoughts or guidance would be awesome. Thanks.