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KAV caused blue screen on 2 PCs last week???

  • Last week we had 2 PCs from 2 different customers that got blue screens and when I try to boot them into safe mode, it hangs at c:\windows\system32\drivers\klbg.sys. Which looks like a Kaspersky process of course. This is going to be a disaster if this just keeps happening, switching to Kaspersky has been nothing but a headache so far, causing me more time messing around fixing stuff it breaks or prevents common apps (especially Kaseya .exe and modules used by Kaseya) then the time it would take to remove the virus manually using Malwarebytes.

    Anyone else run into this or are we the only lucky one.

  • Hi Tim,

    This is very unusual and a great candidate for a support ticket.  Give the team a chance to investigate for you and we'll see if we can get to the bottom of it--whether it's KAV or something else.


    Jeff Keller

    Product Manager


  • Not sure if it was KAV specifically but just odd how both had same error. But can close this thread, Took a week just to get that response. No offense but dont have time to investigate, Customers need to get back up and running. Just reloaded OS on both but figured if it happened on two of ours, how could we be the only ones.

  • Hi Tim,

    Sorry you experienced an issue but I'm glad changes on the workstation resolved it.

    Whenever a time-sensitive issue is discovered, opening a ticket with support should be the first course of action.  Posting an inquiry on the community forum is still a good avenue for investigation--but only as a backup option when time-sensitive or revenue-affecting issues are at stake.

  • Hi All

    I am experiencing same issue installing KAV on ACER Win 7 Laptops, been pushing KAV to the laptops without an issue, once the install is finished and a reboot is performed the user is faced with Blue Screen of Death, leaving me with no option but to ask the user to reboot in safe mode with network support so that I am able to remotely uninstall KAV which resolves the BSOD.

    This has happened on 5 laptops running windows 7 out of the 8 that I have installed KAV on, I have stopped the roll out until I have found a fix for this issue.

    Has any one out there experienced this same issue and was able to resolve it?

    All suggestions welcome.

  • Kaseya AV is incompatible with the NCP VPN client from what I have discovered. In order to stop the NCP VPN client inducing a BSOD on reboot after install I had to disable the Kaspersky AV NDIS 6 Filter in network adapter options. If you have any other software that installs a network driver it may be possible that you are running into a similar problem.