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Request for KAV 1.2 Status Update Sticky post

  • Jeff,

    Can you start one for us to stay updated on the latest on 1.2 status and 1.1 bugs/workarounds?



  • Great suggestion Phlight!

    Our goal for KAV v1.2 is to deliver the following features/enhancements:

    1 - Kaspersky Windows File Server Support

    2 - Alert enhancements

    3 - Trusted Apps Management (via the profile UI)

    4 - A handful of other minor tweaks throughout

    After v1.1 which provided tremendous improvements to stability and scalability, we started working on the Windows File Server Support.  Because we use custom versions of Kaspersky's products, we are dependent on the developers at Kaspersky to deliver a custom build of the KAV Windows File Server product.  Kaspersky originally committed to delivering this in April, but due to resource constraints within Kaspersky, the delivery timeframe has slipped a few times.  The latest estimate is June 10th (this Friday).

    Once Kaseya receives the custom code and has verified the necessary changes are working without issue, I should be able to forecast the "code complete / feature complete" date for v1.2.  This is the date we'll turn-over the code to QA for testing.  QA will thoroughly test the software and notify the developers of any issues that need to be addressed.  This cycle will continue until all of the issues have been resolved, and although it's difficult to estimate the time a product spends in QA, I'll try to provide a likely window nonetheless.

    So, that's a verbose way of saying, the timeline for GA is still a vague Q3, but we should have more information in the coming week from which to refine the date so stand-by...

    Thanks for your patience!

    Jeff Keller

    Product Manager


  • Thanks Jeff!

    are the "Alert enhancements" tasking care of creating alerts/tickets for out-of-date/detection/license renewal/etc?



  • >> are the "Alert enhancements" tasking care of creating alerts/tickets for out-of-date/detection/license renewal/etc?

    We're still finalizing the architecture--but that is indeed our goal at this point.

  • any update on the predicted time frame for the first betas?

  • We just received the custom code from Kaspersky and will be testing it this week.  If it's stable, we will start the integration work and I'll try to provide a timeline in the next week or two for all of the major milestones (code-complete, submission to QA, controlled release, GA etc)

  • Jeff,

    We really need server licenses for some servers we are being pushed to cover. If we get our account manager at Kaseya to provide us with some KES/AVG licenses, will we be stuck with them when the KAV server support is released or, as a gesture of good will perhaps, will Kaseya buy those back from us when we buy KAV server licenses?

  • Oliver, Please contact me directly at jeff.keller@kaseya.com to discuss your needs.

  • Not expecting it to be available Q3, but will KAV eventually support scanning Microsoft Exchange?

  • Yes, KAV will eventually support Exchange--but like KES, our AVG-based product, it will be licensed as a separate product.

  • (PS - Thanks again for your patience ;-)

  • Jeff, since KPM is out will you also be adding KPM support to KAV1.2?

  • Jeff, can you consider an SBS package for the exchange support.

  • @NIKNAK, what do you mean by an SBS Package?

  • Hey gang,

    We will definitely be integrating with KPM.

    We will definitely be supporting Exchange via this product (or a variant thereof) which supports SBS:  www.kaspersky.com/.../security8.0

    But right now our focus is on getting Server Support completed.  We have recently received the code from Kaspersky and are testing it to ensure full compatibility with our VSA processes.  Within the next week or two I should be able to provide a better ETA than "Q3" so stand-by...

    Once v1.2 is out the door, we'll start defining v1.3 and 1.4 and provide general target dates.  1.3 will likely (but not definitely) be focused on providing Local File Source Distribution for our bandwidth-constrained customers.  1.4 has not yet been defined--although Exchange support is a great candidate.  Again, no ETA on either yet--but I wanted to give you all a little insight.