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Moving KAV licenses from one workstation to the other.

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Does anyone know what's the best way to move a KAV license from one workstation to the other?

For example when a workstation needs to be replaced with a new one and I want to be able to reinstall The agent and KAV without using a new License but moving the existing one. There might be an article somewhere about this but i don't have the time to look.


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  • Erin,

    There is no way to ensure that the same license will be applied to the new workstation.  Once you run the uninstall from the KAV module, the license will be reclaimed as a partial.  Partial licenses will be used in new installations prior to full licenses.  


    Kaseya Support

  • It should be as simple as using "create" to generate the KCSSETUP.EXE for the replacement machine instead of installing a "fresh" agent - then, re-push KAV as a "reinstall" instead of a new install.  The license is tied to the agent account, so if you keep the same agent account (Agent => Create => click on the name of the old machine which shows up as an agent that is offline) instead of creating a new account (downloading the KCSSETUP.EXE from Agent => Deploy Agents) you should be able to keep not only any licensing (KAV, KES, BUDR) but also keep any and all other settings (event sets, monitor sets, etc.)

    Depending on how you use Kaseya in your workflow this might be a very simple, easy change, or it might be more complicated (for instance, if a "pre-checkin" agent is part of a build image, and you can't just "not install the default agent" easily).  But the principle should hold true, and if you are able to do this it is the equivalent of re-pushing KAV as if someone had uninstalled it from add/remove at the local machine console.

    If you have other purposes than "rebuild and transfer old license to new machine" your mileage may vary :)