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Can we update the defs on kserver for installs?

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Is there any way to seed or replace the defs on the kserver with a newer version so that the initial install is not so out of date?

I have a client installing a few hundred clients overseas and they are complaining about both the year-old defs and the time it takes to update them.

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  • Because the version of Kaspersky Workstation we use is a custom build, we would have to get Kaspersky to provide an updated installer.  

    Since they are already delayed on providing the Server version for 1.2, this isn't something we're likely to see until after 1.2 ships, but I have some ideas on simplifying this for a post-1.2 release so stand-by...

  • Jeff,

    Any updates on this topic?   I am working on pushing approx 1000 KAV installs and hate to see clients dealing with an 80+ meg update after an 80+ meg KAV installation.