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New KAV bug, currently under investigation by engineering and support

  • Does this mean we wil not see it till Monday or Tuesday now or for something critical like anitvirus does QA work over the weekend ?

  • I assume this is also affecting IT Center customers? All of my KAV agents say Database Date 4/25/2011, have not run full scan since I installed them on 4/24/2011.

  • The hotfix has been released. Your servers should pick it up this evening. I'll ask the SaaS team if they can apply the fix this weekend as well.

  • I have applied the hotfix to my server. Do I need to reinstall /verify the client ?

  • Anyone knows what the hotfix number is?

  • hotfixes 4095 through 4107 are all involved in this fix.


  • The hotfixes have been applied to my server. I have also run a verify install but the customizations are still not applying to my end clients.

    - Tim

  • Verify install is not repairing issue for my clients but new installations seems to be fine.

  • Verify also failed for us.

  • i had to reboot one endpoint after the verifiy, i now have the wrong icon in place(but not the Kaspersky "K", and my company name when i right clilck. It might be worth you rebooting one client. On a side note does anyone know what the main Kaspersky icon shoul dbe called and file type for it to apply, my icon shows when i turn off AV but not when its on... Strange!

  • Did also try a reboot after verify, should have clarified, sorry.


    Custom images are done here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010\Skin\images - your tray icons will be in the tray subdirectory.  On the affected machines, it does not have our custom icons at all.

    The main tray icon is main_on16.png, I believe.



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  • Thanks for that Kristin,

    I have just checked that on my machine (one of the affected) and my custom icons are there, but it appears to not apply the main icon.

  • We did a verify and a reboot and it still did not apply the customizations.

    We had to do a full uninstall / Install in order to have the agent pull its customizations correctly.

  • A verify-and-reboot is usually sufficient to clear up "skin" issues.  

    For others having issues with the endpoints reporting their status, reapplying the profile should be sufficient.  

    In either of these cases--if these processes don't resolve your issue, submit a ticket so that we can investigate on your specific machine and identify the problem.

  • This problem isn't 100% fixed yet.

    KAV 1.1 agents are not taking their specified profiles.  Self-Defense is not configured correctly so Im losing remote access on all the PC's that I install new / reinstall today.