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KAV licenses expiring

  • We are having customers notify us that the KAV is expiring.  We have done the verify install as per support and same problem.  The licenses have only been deployed for about 4 months and their is no errors nothing to state that the antivirus is expired or expiring.   Is anyone having issues with this.



  • We have also started to see this problem as of today - license is being self-described as a 30 day license but has been installed since January.  I'd like to know what might be causing it as well.

  • And it seems the answer is here : community.kaseya.com/.../11837.aspx

  • Kristin and Grant,

    I had just posted about this issue, and was in the process of reading through the rest of the forums when I came across this thread.  Hopefully that article will answer the questions, if not please open a ticket, and we'll work through remaining issues as needed.



    Kaseya Support