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Kspersky (KAV) database update issue

  • Hi,

    I see bunch of machines showing warning in kasepersky update centre on local machines "Database Obsolete"; "Malfunction, Update files are corrupted". This happened few months backup with different set of machines. Last time I could fix by creating and applying new profile. This time same method did not work. This time it did not hapen on same set of mahcines. Following few thing i have done already to fix this but nothing worked:

    -Created and applied new profile which did not work. Tried updating from Kaseya KAV console as well as from mahcines locally did not help either.

    -Un-Installed and re-installed KAV did not help.

    -Upgraded to KAV 1.1 and uninstalled Kaspersky completely from machines. Created entirely new profile and reinstalled Kaspersky with new profile. Still no go.

    Any Help is appreciated. Please refer screen shot below

  • Under update settings, add this server to the list dnl-01.geo.kaspersky.com

    Move it to the top of the list.

    Problem Solved.

    Kaseya has been chasing a ghost for this issue ever since they released version 1.0 and its still not fixed.

  • Where do you make this change?

  • mcs -- i want to make changes on several machines under separate KAV profiles. Changing it manually is a lot of work.


    BTW i tried this source on one of the effected machine but did not work

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  • This change should be applied only as a diagnostic step and temporary workaround. It cannot be applied from the KAV profile.

    If you have machines which persistently fail to update from the Kaseya mirror (sec-update.kaseya.com/updates), please open a support ticket and provide a trace of the error: -

    1) in the KAV agent UI, click Support > Support Tools (see video here - support.kaspersky.com/faq)

    2) set Trace Level to Normal (500) - click Enable

    3) induce the error (attempt update again from My Update Center)

    4) go back to Support Tools and disable trace

    5) go to %ProgramData%\Kaspersky Lab - zip up any KAV*.log files

    6) open a support ticket  with the zip file attached

  • Fact of the matter is that you cannot make a profile change that affects all of the machines under a certain profile, Ive asked, Kaseya Tech said it wasn't possible "Yet" but also didnt want to say when / if it would be.

    If kaseya can't get their update server to work properly this is a permanent solution since it hasn't work correctly since day 1.

    Ive sent them logs, Ive sent Kaspersky logs, exactly as you have stated above with zero results.