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KAV Q1 Release?

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Q1 has been and gone, any news on the Q1 release for KAV?  I have clients ready to take KAV but are reluctant to do so without the server component.

Fine if there have been delays, I just need to set clients expectations if it's gonna be much longer.



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  • Hi guys, just a quick follow up to your questions.  KAV 1.1 was recently deployed in controlled release to a few dozen customers and will be announced GA on Monday (it is a maintenance release--see this thread for more info community.kaseya.com/.../57770.aspx) .

    Ken, KAV 1.1 contains VSA-server-centric updates only so you will not have to update your clients.  And please email me with your specific questions and I will most certainly reply.  I'm sorry your emails elsewhere in the company have gone unanswered, but I'm happy to help.


    Jeff Keller

    Product Manager


  • Thanks Jeff, I do appreciate you commitment to communication.

    Two clarifications:

    - I wasn't just asking about KAV client updates, I was actually asking more about our Kaseya server.   I'm unclear whether whether the KAV 1.1 or 1.2 (.etc.) updates will require _any_ manual action our part, including on our own Kaseya server, other than to deal with new functionality.  I.e., will the updates occur on our K server utomatically, or will we have to do something manually first?  This may seem obvious to you, but it's not something I deal with frequently, so I'm unclear about it.

    - the email unreliability I was referring to was for replies to email I get from this forum. I much prefer to interact with fora via email, if I have a choice, but it seem my replies to such messages are being silently dropped.   They never show up as posting responses.  Fortunately the "View this thread online" link is working well.


  • Thanks Ken.  When the KAV 1.1 Service Alert goes out tomorrow, it will be accompanied with the usual FAQ's--but in summary, this particular upgrade will require that you download and run the 1.1 installer.  It's quick and easy and the links and instructions will be in the Service Alert.  But nothing will need to be done at the client end.

  • Thanks Jeff for trying to keep us updated.  That is a very important thing that many companies fail to see the value in.

    As with the others, I also am in need of the new features add to the KAV product.

    I'd like to throw my 2 cents in about the features and priorities most important to me.

    Server coverage

    Updating from a centralized file on my system rather than each machine downloading their own copy.


    My reasoning:

    My servers are the root of it all - I NEED them protected.  1st and highest priority.

    Virus def data files, hundreds of machines trying to download the updates around the same time can bring my external connection to stand still, leaving machines not updated and vulnerable. -  Need a better way to keep them all updated and protected, 2nd highest priority.

    Alerts - yes they are important in managed environment, but keeping things protected is a higher priority, I can way on the automated alerts.  3rd or lower priority.


    Get us the server and central update files as soon as you can!  please

    Gerry Lockhart

  • I didn't intend for this to be a chance to bash people up over deadlines and I am grateful for the Kaseya folks replying.  I am saddened to wonder though if I hadn't asked the question to begin with when I would have been told that what was originally touted as a 1.1 Q1 release schedule for the server component is now "tentatively" planned for the end of Q2.

    Based on previous experience I now therefore predict a Q3 release.

    I know this was a v1.0 release and as some have said, I should expect some issues.  Some issues yes, but not too many, at the end of the day Kaseya released and charged for the product.  Thankfully I have not had too many issues technically with our KAV deployments but my expectations were set at the start of the process that server protection would be available by Q1 and this was still what was being communicated as recently as February.

    Set expectiations at the right level and everyone knows what they're getting and when.  Hopefully with Jeff's recent new appointment he can start to improve on this as I have seen him do recently and thank him for.

    Number one thing for me is Server capability followed by alerts and central updates.


  • Hey gang.  I can't speak to the level of communication that came before me, but I hope you see an improvement in communication since I've taken over a few weeks ago.  

    Delays do happen--sometimes for legitimate an unavoidable reasons, but my intent is to communicate our plans and keep you in the loop when things change.  

    These forums are a great medium for me to do that--but I understand how disappointing it can be when expectations aren't met so I'll try to be clear that most target dates are indeed "targets" and subject to development & QA considerations and market influences as well.  I know that budgets and real dollars are on the line and will do my best to set expectations accordingly.

  • We're currently in the process of migrating from KES to KAV for all new endpoints, and things are going generally well.  We just onboarded a new 15 endpoint site last week and we had 100% success once we scheduled the KAV install, with KES we would get about 80% success and had to manually troubleshoot the remaining 20%.

    We just updated our KServer to KAV 1.1 and already we are noticing a faster UI for the column sets in the VSA.

    Server support and Alert sets are of course important, but the one small feature that would save us hours when deploying is the install from file source, the way that patch management, KES, and BUDR work now.  If at all possible, please get this feature in 1.2.

  • Hi Michael--it's great to see the positive feedback on v1.1.  Thank you so much!

    I can say that the file-source deployment capability is very high on our list and it is something that many customers have requested.  For architectural reasons, we can't add it to KAV right now but the changes we need to do so are being architected elsewhere in the VSA and as soon as those are ready, we'll assign this feature to a release.  

    But rest-assured, it is very high on the priority list and will be accommodated as soon as the requisite VSA components support it.  Thanks again!

  • Thanks Jeff, I'm looking forward to applying those updates for clients.   I’d like to offer a little feedback on the update process.

    I got the update notification the email this morning, “as advertised”.  I would have preferred the update to be automatic, but that’s no biggie.

    But here’s the thing:   I followed the Download Center link in the email, and it just took me to your “Downloads and Updates” page.   I saw nothing there for KAV 1.1,  nothing to indicate what’s there that I should download, that I don’t already have installed, nothing to indicate what I am or am not licensed for.

    So I guessed and clicked on the “Kaseya Antivirus” link, and got a popup saying it wants to download “KAVInstall.exe”.  Is that 1.1?   How would I know?   Have I clicked on the right thing?  I guess I’ll just have to try it and hope I clicked on the right thing, and that it won’t screw anything up.

    I’d suggest two things:

    1. A link directly to the KAV 1.1 download, clearly identified as such.

    2. A web page function that checks our current license, compared to what we have installed, and shows any discrepancies.

    Do those make sense to you?


  • I completely agree with Kenw's post.  Perhaps a very simple fix is to have a version column on the webpage.  Sure, we would have to look around the page for what we want but if it clearly says KAV | Current version: 1.1 we would know exactly whats going on.  This should but consistent across all the Kaseya components really should be dead easy to get implemented??  

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  • Hey guys.  We've listened and we'll start posting version numbers on the download pages soon.  Thanks for the feedback!

  • Great!    Now that I have your attention...  ;-]

    You know that page in Kaseya:  System -> System Management -> Configure?   The one with the "Check For Update" button?

    We all know that the ideal situation would be if we could get module updates that way.  

    Something to think about, eh?


  • Thanks Ken.  All pass your feedback to the group who manages that for consideration in a future version.

  • Just a quick shout-out to those (jdvuyk and others) who suggested we put module version numbers on the downloads page.  We've just updated the page:


    Thanks gang!

  • Nice Work on the version numbers.  I didn't get an e-mail about KAM also being updated to 1.1, but now I know that it's been updated and am going to get patched tonight; guess this feature really was needed!