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Alerts and monitoring

  • Hi,

    Perhaps the users here can answer a question which appears to have Kaseya stumped. 

    If we use the KAV (Kaspersky that is) via Kaseya, is monitoring and alerting preconfigured so that we are alerted when a machine can't update the defs, or when files can't be cleaned etc?

    If not, how can we create those alerts?

    I assumed that, given that KAS is integrated with Kaseya, we wouldn't have to create the monitor sets for this, but Kaseya just point me to the KAV help file which has nothing about alerts and monitoring, only dashboard bits. 


  • Hi Olly,

    I believe this is more a work in progress, there is no monitoring as of yet for KAV which is a needed feature.

    Assume it will come very soon.

  • But wait, doesn't KAV (or KAM) write event log entries?   Aren't there events we can/should monitor for?


  • Mmartin is correct.  KAV and KAM will include the ability to write to to the log files and integrate with alerts in their next respective releases.  For KAV, our release timeframe for 1.2 is Q3.  For KAM, we have not established a release schedule yet.