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KAV & KAM slowing PCs down/locking up

  • When I deployed KAV and KAM to a specific client they started calling in stating that both services are hogging CPU and RAM resources.  It's causing the PC to slow down or lock up.  I have setup in both KAV and KAM the required exclusions but no luck.  Any ideas?

  • How much RAM does these machines have to start with.  We are finding the same issue when customer who have 512mb ram on Windows XP Boxes. which isn't enough.  We've been recommending customers using XP boxes go with 2gb ram, Windows Vista/7 at least 4gb.

  • I've noticed the customer who have 512MB on XP Machines can't hack it.  So I've been taking both off and just using KES.  I never found out what Kaseya was recommending for KAV & KAM on a machine (specs that is).  I'm going to start recommending 2GB instead of 1GB for XP and Vista/7 is a definate 4GB!


  • In this day and age, the absolute minimum for Windows XP is 1 GB of memory. Between background processes (including any flavor of AV or AntiMalware) and a couple of open applications and it will get bogged down. Here are is what I require on my client's workstations:

    Windows XP: 1 GB Minimum 2 GB Recommended.

    Windows Vista: 1.5 GB Minimum 3 GB Recommended

    Windows 7: 1.5 GB Minimum 4 GB Recommended.

    The only problem I come across are older (over 4 years) workstations that only have 2 or 3 memory slots and only take 512 MB stickes.

  • Also - Please don't run the Application blocker (an on-access scanner) AND the file monitoring (an on-access scanner) AND Windows Defender (an on-access scanner) all at the same time on these machines....guaranteed to slow things down.  :)


  • Jeff,

    you say don't run any things the same time. In the KES install is an option to disable windows defender. I haven't found this option in the KAV/KAM modules yet and on my machine (win 7 x64) I did not see windows defender disabled after installing KAV/KAM. Is it possible to add this option to the other modules?

  • We have disabled the Application Blocker.  We noticed that was a big issue when we started deploying KAM.  But as far as KAV goes, it's been nothing be a headache for me so far.  When I VNC into a workstation and launch KAV, I can not longer control that system.  I have to have the user on the phone and ask them to click on everything for me.  It's pretty embarrassing.

  • We are having slow down's and lockup's also. For so far we only have it on clients running windows 7 and office 2010. On the kaspersky forum's I found that KAV 2010 (software version 9) is not compatible with office 2010. This is causing our lockup's. After deinstalling KAV from the machines everybody can work normal again. We are waiting for KAV 2011 (software version 10) in Kaseya. Without it I cannot deploy KAV anymore. For now this has affect on 200 machine. When is Kaseya going to release KAV 2011 for clients?

  • hi zimmie80,

    Not sure if this will help but I've been running Kaspersky AV (with the Administration Kit to centrally control everything) for a while in my organisation and had exactly the same issue. In the AV settings on the workstation - go to Options and there is a checkbox for "Disable external control of the system service"... untick that.

    I'm not sure of how Kaseya has implemented Kaspersky AV with their solution as I have never used the KAV module but if there is a Kaspersky client on each machine then could work for you too.