Its so funny to read through some of the emails I've been getting - people point out things that are painfully obvious.  This post is one of those things. 

We all sit in front of the product and look at things...and sometimes things slip through that NOONE notices..because its sitting right in front of our faces.  One of those things is the status code on the detection.  Made perfect sense when i was looking at it last...

Here's a screenshot



So...after a few forehead slaps....we'll get that fixed.  :0

Meanwhile, here's what they mean

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE

1. Infected.  Means that it was detected and infected.  For websites / downloads, it also means it was blocked.

2. Suspicious.  No action taken

3. Detected.  No action taken (yet)...but will likely be in a few minutes.  If you run a scan again, you won't likely see this file.

4. Disinfected.  File cleaned.  Original in quarantine

5. Deleted.  Uhh...if you can't figure this one out...

6. Other.  We left this in there for statuses we didn't know about.

7. Unknown.  you should never see this.

8. Quarantined.  File just moved.


We offer limited (ok...not many at all) actions on the detections...we also don't do a great job of showing what is CURRENTLY going on with the box.  We have BIG plans for this area...but...are still squashing lots of little bugs currently.