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KAV locking up machines

  • We have KAV deployed on 165 machines and it seems like everyone is having lock up issues at times. And this is even happening on PCs that are newer and should have no problem handling the requirements to run Kaspersky. We've already taken out the Full scan, Set security level to low, disabled web anvtivirus and proactive Antivirus. If we have to disable anything more we might as well not use AV or just trade these licensing back in for AVG licenses so atleast we show some kind of AV installed to the customers even though its not protecting squat.

  • Have you submitted a support ticket about this so that they can look at it?

  • This sounds like unusual behavior. When I see something this broad I usually suspect a conflict with something else. Have you tried to check and see whats common among all systems.

  • Dont know of common behavior, 5 or 6 different customers we have it on. I turned off automatic updating to just once a day ,what you guys have it set to?

  • I would recommend running the GSI report from an affected machine (as per below thread) and opening a support ticket for this.


  • Ok well we've boiled it down to being locked up whenever its updating Kaspersky definitions. locks up whole computer for 10 minutes on a new laptop with 8gigs of RAM, I cant image the lockup time on a slower PC. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • We have noticed very brief lockups.  not 10mins, more like 60secs.  Annoying but can handle it.  I have seen one bluescreen on a Kaspersky DLL as well.  We have only a very limited rollout at this stage

  • I'm getting this as well, 10mins easy and sometimes as much as 25mins.  Resorted to scheduling updates to once a week as a temp measure, anyone got any other solutions?

  • This is obviously a statistically significant number of people experiencing this so I'm going to start researching this offline with Tier II--but your tickets do help, so I encourage you to submit a ticket on this if you already haven't.  

    Jeff Keller

    Product Manager


  • We have pulled back most of our KAV roll outs and put them back on AVG because the performance has been painfully slow.  We have not seen the 10+ minute lockups but we have seen significant performance impact running KAV.  We were also seeing this across multiple sites and no one specific thing appeared across all environments causing this issue.  We also noticed significant amount of noise from the agent to the end user where KAV was out of date and were receiving calls wondering what was going on.

  • FWIW, we’ve lately been seeing server lockups related to ESET NOD32 as well.   Symptoms are that the server responds to pings, the mouse may move on the screen, but that’s it.   The only way to fix it is to crash it.

    I’ve seen this on other servers in the past pre-NOD32, but with the ones lately, removing NOD32 resolved it.  Microsoft crash dump analysis blamed the antivirus.


  • We recently resolved a similar issue for another customer--identical symptoms.  Upon closer inspection, we found Norton Antivirus was still running in the background on the affected machines, even though the customer had attempted a removal (and believed it to have been successful).   The customer ended up using the Kaspersky competitive removal tool for Norton which cleared-up the issue.

    While this may not be the root cause of ever performance-related AV issue, it's certainly worth a closer look if you're experiencing similar issues.

  • @Ken.

    Welcome to our lives!  We have had the exact symptoms you have described on many many servers over the last 2 years.  In our case, mostly SBS installations.  NOD is a great product (when its not crashing) which we have rolled out to a large % of our clients.  but we have grown sick of the random crashes that completely bombs servers.  In our case it requires safe mode booting and uninstalling of NOD to recover.  This means extended downtime and an unscheduled site visit. We have some servers that currently have no av because if we put NOD on the server catastrophically dies within 15 minutes.  Repeatable, but its a productions server so we would rather not!  But Eset seems uninterested, so we are moving away to another product.

    We are really hoping that KAV could be that product.  But we are in limbo due to the delays for server support.  Its very disappointing.

  • To piggy back onto this thread, Our KAV machines are locking aswell.. and only when its updating itself, has there been a fix for this yet? does the new version of Kav resolve this?


  • Can i just add, I love AVG, people have slatted it, but it still out performs KAV and many others in my opinion, i would be out of business if i had of swapped over.

    Rule 1 never use first generation releases, usually not fit for purpose and bourne out in this thread.

    my 2 cents.