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Windows Defender + KAV Compatibility

  • Hi;

    Today is my first time running KAV and I noticed something changed after uninstalling KES, Windows Defender got re-enabled.

    From what I have read some AV products don't work so well when Windows Defender is scanning so the default is to disable Windows Defender. If I read this list correctly Windows Defender is not compatible with Kaseya Anti Virus 2010.


    So makes you wonder why Windows Defender did not get disabled during the install of KAV?!

    Anyways adding the following registry key value should take care of the problem but this is still something that should not have escaped development attention by either software companies. 

     Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender]





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  • Make sure to submit a ticket to support on this, and feel free to FYI an email to Jeff Keyes.

  • Windows Defender is an AntiSpyware application...and according to the guys in Kaspersky, should coexist fine.  That said, it is another on-access scanner which will slow things down.

    We are planning on adding a profile option for enable / disable windows defender...


  • @Jeff can you get Kaspersky to explain then why they have Windows Defender on their "Applications which are not compatible with Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010" list?

    I will admit that I have zero experience with Kaspersky products, but I have seen first hand how a new AV deployment can go wrong due to performance issues and it normally results in our customers walking away taking their business elsewhere. So very big please make sure you guys get it right...

  • I'm running them both on my systems here (and inside of Kaseya).  While I believe running Defender with MBAM and Kaspersky is overkill...i just wanted to prove that it works


  • Hey Jeff,

    I'm sure both will work together on MOST systems, but if Kaspersky has flagged it as a potential problem, then what does it do to those systems it has issues with? I think what is being asked is for someone from K to check with Kaspersky and see what they officially say about Windows Defender and Kaspersky running on the same machine.

  • the sites where I deinstalled KES and installed KAV, the customers are complaining about performance.  I am wondering  now if the defender could be causing problems.   These sites range from Core2duo 2.6 to quadcore 2.4 and they can see a difference in performance.  I would place a ticket but I am still waiting for the last week on a specialist to get back too me about the KAV keeps erroring out for updates every 30 min.  Who knows I may have to trade some of my KAV licenses in for KES licenses.