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KAV and Servers - what is the deal?

  • Any update on the ETA for Server Support?

  • Any update on the ETA for Server Support?

  • Is there still no server support?

  • Server support is in the next release (1.2).  Some of this conversation has been happening over here as well:  community.kaseya.com/.../12049.aspx

  • Thank you for the update! :)

  • Any update on the ETA on the next release 1.2 for Server Support?

  • Same here, really want AV on our DC/FS.  

  • @ Jeff Keyes  "Exchange Server is coming...might make it into Q1 (KAV 1.1) but for sure by Q2."

    What ever happened to the Exchange Server release that you mentioned here last year?  We've been installing the File Server edition on Domain Controllers and Exchange servers, but have started running into installation issues, and Kaseya tech support says the File Server edition does not support Domain Controllers, Exchange and SQL servers.  I didn't know it didn't support those before we bought all our server licenses.  Where is that documented that it doesn't work with those?

  • Tech support got back to me and told me this: "At this point in time there is no documentation stating this, however if you note the requirements for the KAV server installs it

    does note it as a "KAV File Server Install". This needs to be updated, however from a support specialist perspective, I can assure you that it is not supported."

    Tech support said that it runs on SBS, but KAV does not support domain controllers or Exchange.  Isn't that what SBS is by default???

  • It would be nice to get some answers on this.  Who runs SBS as a file server only?


     @kuuser   Please  refer http://help.kaseya.com/WebHelp/EN/KAV/1020000/index.htm?toc.htm?7305.htm for the list of managed servers supported with KAV1.2 .   

    Also, KAV1.3 [replacement of Kaspersky Engine to Business Version] will go out in controlled release in a week or two[more details].  

    Exchange server integration is top in the list for our KAV1.4 release but not confirmed yet.  I will update this thread after having a final call on that and keep you posted on the release dates.   



    Meghana Subramanian
    Kaseya Security  team



  • Thanks Meghana, will KAV 1.3 add support for servers that have Active Directory or SQL?

  • Just to clarify, we're not concerned about having Exchange or SQL scanned for viruses.  What we've been told by Kaseya techs is that KAV will not even install on servers that have Exchange, SQL and Active Directory.

  • We have KAV 1.2 installed on Exchange and SQL servers, and other than the typical install or profile applying issues we see even with workstations, it seems to be working fine.

  • We also have KAV 1.2 installed and running on Exchange, AD and SQL servers. However, we ran into re-installation (we had KAV on them at one point) issues on two SBS servers with Exchange and Active Directory, and it was at that point that Kaseya tech support informed us that they do not support installing KAV on Exchange, Active Directory or SQL servers...