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Comments inline to a recent customer email.


We just purchased 1000 licenses of KAV and starting to deploy.


-          After installing on workstation, Kaspersky 2010 folder and icons appear in Start Menu/All Programs - how do we easily change the name there or remove it entirely?

jdk>>  we don't provide any facilities with the start menu.  I suppose short term you could write a script to remove the start menu.


-          After installation, system showed as active/updated in Kaseya but no icon in Tray.  Tray icon only appeared after I manually started the Kaspersky program from Start Menu.  Perhaps it would have appeared naturally after reboot but not sure.

jdk>>A reboot is needed to kick off the UI.


-          FYI - Tray Icon is a bit confusing to replace because it is an pseudo-animated icon, so we just replaced it with a non-animated version.

jdk>>The animations are gif overlays.  Take a look at the KAVSkin\images\tray


-          FYI - After updating the main.loc file and performing a Verify function, it did replace the main.loc on the workstation however the changes only take effect after Kaspersky is restarted on that workstation.

jdk>> need to reboot first.   (Alternatively you can set skin manually.  Then unset manually).

-          After updating tray icons on Kserver, a Verify did NOT replace tray icons on one workstation with KAV already installed and running but it did replace tray icons on terminal server with KAV already installed and running.

jdk>> Try to reboot - this should get pushed down and replace.

-          KAV is running 2010 version of Kaspersky - when does 2011 come out?

jdk>> Correct.  We are first working on the server, then we'll attach Exchange and KIS (2011).


-          Is it intended for servers?  Can we use KAV on file servers and terminal servers?  I’m not worried about Exchange/sharepoint modules or anything like that.

jdk>>Not yet.  We are releasing that shortly...the plan is to use the certified file server version from Kaspersky.  I hope everyone realizes how cool this is as Kaspersky sells that product for $100/server...and we'll be doing SOOOO much better than that.

-          IMPORTANT:  When can we deploy the installation and updates via Patch Management "File Source" function?  currently if we do a major deployment and/or many machines update from one location, it's going to KILL bandwidth as they all download 100MB files.  This is crazy.  Also, why can't we install a more updated version to begin with?  the database that installs is obsolete and dated from June 2010.  We have a customer that is ready for us to deploy over 100 KAV installations ASAP but since 75+ of those systems are all located on the same LAN, I’m afraid it will kill their network when we install and when updates download.


jdk>>One of the key missing features from KAV is the file source / local update location.  We have that on the plate as well for Q1 this year (basically...hoping to kick off a beta in Feb with it).  Another option, you can call the command line directly for the initial update (since it really is the only BIG update.  To do this, you'd need to download the updates onto a local server and call the command line for updating.  The instructions for doing this kind of thing are actually included in the kaspersky documentation.  OR....wait a couple of months.  :)

-          It handled the uninstall of KES very nicely before installing KAV on the one workstation that I tested.  However, what happens with other AV packages?  Will it uninstall others?  Most specifically, we have a few customers running Kaspersky’s Internet Suite and others running Trend Micro and Symantec.  I’m most interested in knowing how it will handle an existing Kaspersky installation because that’s what the customer mentioned above currently has (and their license for 100+ systems expires in 13 days).

jdk>>Glad to hear good news - seems like i only hear about when we screw up.  :)    We are working on including a 3rd party detection & cleaner tool.  I'm hoping to have it included during Q1, but will most likely hit in April.


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