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Lost Kaseya Branding and License

  • Installed kav -- everything good.  Changed common enums settings in main.loc file on vsa -- reinstalled kav on endpoint.  All branding is gone -- tray icon is now kaspersky's tray icon.  When i double click the icon it launches gui no logner has the graphic that says Kaseya antivirus powerd by kaspersky (we didn't change the graphic yet) and at the bottom of the gui is says license has 91 days remaining. 

  • Change the details on teh VSA and verify.  After a reboot of the endpoint, it will all come back to normal.

    A note about licenses...we only feed the endpoint in monthly increments.  That means you can't look at the endpoint to figure out how much license is left.

  • Jeff

    When is the email for notification, hide the icon, and other enhancements that KES has going to be integrated into KAV?

    Do you have a time line when these will be released?