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Kaseya AV Deployment

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My organization has been using Kaseya for a few months now and are still working out the kinks. One option we really want to initiate is the Kaseya AV function, but we're wondering if there's a way to automate the process? Right now we have to install the Kaseya Agent and then manually deploy the AV client. We want to configure Kaseya so that when the Agent is installed, so is the AV client. Has anyone had any luck doing this or knows how to make it happen? Thanks. 

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  • I agree, this would help quite a bit.  As installing the Kaseya agent, and then uninstalling any existing AV product leaves the machine vulnerably until KAV is pushed out from the Kaseya management console.  Being to install KAV at the same time as the agent would be GREAT>

  • It has been over 2 years since this request to deploy AV at the same time as the agent deployment has been requested. Is there now a way to implement this request?