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KAV - Installer and Update files

  • Hi There,

     So far so good, happy with the installer and Kaspersky, it seems to work well.

     Compared to NOD32, Kaspersky uses less recourses, except on a full system scan where Kaspersky hogs the CPU and grabs a lot of RAM (+500mb).

     The installer and "First time" Updates are however quite big, this will be a problem at larger orginizations. Installer + Updates = approx. 150MB

     Will there eventually be provision made for a central deployment server for the installer and Updates? Our IPCOP firewalls can be configured to cache certain updates with Update Acelerator, wich will help if you do one machine first and then do the install and then updates for other KAV endpoints.

      The registry entries for Kaspersky are protected, we wanted to script a update location change. Updates from URL's are supported in Kaspersky, but not configurable in Kaseya. 





  • We are working on centralized updates to make that easier.  Part of that would include the first update included in the install package.

    Protected registry entries for Kaspersky is part of the self-protection feature.  We are going to disable that (as it also causes problems in the remote control)

    Update URLs will be supported in next version where we'll have the centralized update server.  If you need that support now, we can work something out with you (i.e. I can show you how)


  • Jeff,

    Can you show us how to update K A V through centralized update server.

    Chetan Doshi

  • It involves

    1.  Having a local machine running a web server (NGINX is what we are looking at deploying)

    2.  Running an application that downloads those to that server (Kaspersky application....getting the rights to distribute)

    3.  Updating the profile to point to that internal webserver (We'll expose this in the profile....doing it outside of the profile isn't that difficult)


  • Any update on this without using the NGINX server???