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KAV Endpoint UI modification


    All of the graphics for the UI as displayed on the endpoint are available in


    and can be modified on the KServer for updated deployment.  Already deployed endpoints can be updated to a modified UI by running a “Verify” installation from the KAV module on the KServer.


    One of the more common files to update is the title_kav.png, which contains the text “Kaseya Antivirus Powered By Kaspersky” that shows in the upper left corner of the primary UI window.

    To remove references to “Kaseya Antivirus” in the UI Window Title, Task Tray, etc., open


    and search for the “common enums”, replace “Kaseya Antivirus” with your choice of titles.

    The Task Tray Icons are stored in






  • Thanks for posting Travis - you rock!!


  • Jeff

    If we change items to Brand KAV under our own colours etc will they get overwritten whenever a KAV update gets posted? i.e. Do we need to keep rewriting these files to maintain our branding and image.

  • I have a copy of my icons and have a script that just keeps copying back the the tray folder.  I do the same with the favicon as these get overwritten whenever there is an update or reapply schema

  • The only time that the skin is pushed is on install or verify.  Updates (for KAV) don't include program updates.

    So...these should not get overwritten


  • But when will the files on the server get overwritten, I know this happens when i do a reapply schema and I have seen it happen at other  times possibly when Kaseya update files during hot fix etc  

  • Reapply schema runs every day or so...but i don't think that will overwrite it on its own.

    If we release a fix to the KAVSkin, those files could be overwritten.  For sure we'll have to look at that when we drop the KIS/KAV 2011 version.  From what I've seen, the mods will be similar.



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  • Hey could  I disable the KAV UI on agents??..i dont wanna users suing UI to disable the KAV

  • Yogesh: community.kaseya.com/.../10881.aspx

  • A couple of Customers asking if the KAV UI can be updated on IT Center?

  • When isn't this build into the KAV UI inside the Profile setup in Kaseya?

  • Wayne,

    I do not believe this is an option on ITCenter.


    I believe there are plans to integrate this into the profile setup eventually, or into a new portion of the UI.  For the time being, there is only the manual process, to update the skin source on the server, for installation to the endpoints.



    Kaseya Support

  • Its great but one problem is that all my customisations disappeared with a Kaseya update.

  • How do we change the way it displays in the Start Menu - All Programs?  It says Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 for the program folder and for the program icons.  I would have thought that would be able to be customized but I don't see it in the instructions.


  • Witin the settings.ini file (located in VSAHiddenFiles\kav\KAVSkin\layout) I want to set the option [OptionsWindow_Navigator_WorkArea_Scan_RemovableDisksAutoScan]

    to quick instaed of Ask user.

    I would also like this to run in the background.

    How can I do this?