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Profile override with endpoint GUI

  • Using KAV (trial):

    I have created and applied a profile with all features except the email plugin. Applying this profile worked fine. However, when opening KAV on the Endpoint it tells me that it is not fully functional and suggests to correct the issue. When doing so it enables the email plugin and it remains this way. It is not overridden by the server side profile.

    The question for the developpers at K is how to deal with this. I would think myself that the user should be unable to activate or de-activate KAV functions.


    Bert Haver

  • We have a bug on the profile reset feature - where on boot the profile is reapplied which ensures that the settings are kept fresh.  Kaspersky is working on opening up the lock to the UI such that we can lock out the end user from portions of the desktop per the profile...we've don't have an API for that as of yet.

    Related topic - you can also define the components that get installed /not installed in the short term by deploying out a setup.ini file into the c:\kworking\kav directory.  Currently, we'll respect the file's contents.  

    The problem with doing this is

    1.  We haven't integrated that functionality into the profile yet (which we will).  When we do...whatever mechanism you used to deploy..well...we'll just overwrite the file.  :)

    2.  There isn't a concept of "re-enable".  If you didn't install the mail component, you must reinstall to get it.

    What does the file look like?


  • What is the status of these?  Are they fixed in KAV 1.2?