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No Win10 release 1803 soup for you!

  • OK so patch has been withdrawn. I couldn't get it to work either - the fact that the patch has been pulled means clearly there is a major bug and not just us users doing the wrong thing :)

    For the record, 10.3 SP1 MR1 was the latest being pushed prior to patch .10 --- Kaspersky version number I'm surprised people here are still on 10.2. 10.3 has been out for some time.....

  • The older Kaspersky is actually compatible with the latest Windows 10 (1803).

    Here is an article from Kaspersky: support.kaspersky.com/13036

  • I realize this isnt kaseya's fault but ... sheesh. now we're stuck with a VSA that can't install any KAV at all thanks to us keeping our clients updated by rolling out 10.3.

  • An update from Kaseya regarding this issue, would also be appreciated

  • I know the issue is being worked on as a priority within Kaseya. I noticed that kaspersky don't change the product version number with patches. That makes it really hard to track what's going on.

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  • Hey Guys,

    A patch is scheduled for release very soon on this issue.  It is true the patch was withdrawn as we noticed some quality issues with it's release which have been corrected.

    Edited timeline of patch release.
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  • Any update on the patch? At this point I can't even install KAV on any of our endpoints. All I get is a message 'Downloding (yup, that's the original spelling) OEM files to VSA (Click for details)". The download status remains pending for up to an hour and eventually ends up with a download error.

  • We had that experience too. Check your VSA; we found the OEM files did (re)-download over and over, it chewed up over 1.5Tb of data over the weekend trying to continuously re-download the packages. ARGH!!

    We eventually got a different build of the packages (and copied them into the VSA manually) which fixed the download issue for us....reach out to support and mention ticket #244414.  I haven't been brave enough to try a new install...yet.

    Sit tight, it's a high priority issue, and you will see that patch soon.

  • Thanks very much for the info and the heads up. Sitting tight in anticipation :)

  • Hey Guys,

    Patch should be released within days for both our ONP (On-Prem) clients and SaaS respectively.

  • Patch is out, anyone try it yet?

  • Please post your patch feedback in the patch thread: community.kaseya.com/.../24151.aspx

  • Looks like .11 has addressed the KAV issues found in .10. We've done a few upgrade and new installs, and look looks just rosy now :)

    we did find you must restart the endpoint for the system to fully see the upgrade, however.