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KAV Alert on "Active Threat Detection"

  • I am curious what others are doing for automation/remediation for all the false positives that are generated with the Active Threat Detection alert enabled.  They are created with not-a-virus tagged in the name.

    Name: not-a-virus:HEUR:WebToolbar.Win32.Generic

  • +1 These alerts are absolutely useless. If the software classes it as not a virus, why alert on it?

  • I have opened a ticket with support: REQUEST #187855

    Meanwhile, I am working on trying to filter %not-a-virus% in the Service Desk.  I am not very familiar with the module so if anyone knows a simple way to accomplish this please chime in....

  • Hi All,

    Please enter this as a feature, so we can look further into adding this to our alert profiles.  We report what Kaspersky gives us as a detection.  Here is a good article on what it means.  support.kaspersky.com/.../852



  • Hello Tim,

    I'm well-known with the Service Desk module of Kaseya. what is you goal to achieve so I can help you think of a Solution ;)



  • Is one of the most receptive developers I have had the pleasure of working with.  

    If you create a feature request, please share the link with us and I will support the request from my end as well.

  • We utilize MSPAssist and Paul has made a quick fix by creating a Service Desk "filtering" process that mitigates the not-a-virus.  This is the short-term fix that still generates the ticket but deletes it if it contains %not-a-virus%.  Ultimately, I would like it to run a procedure to validate the issue before generating a ticket....

    I will be creating a feature request and post the link here later this morning.

  • were you able to create that FR?

  • Feature Request: helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../115006958647-Ability-to-ignore-not-a-virus-Alert-for-KAV