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Apple device support

  • It seems like this question gets asked semi-frequently but seldom gets an actual answer. My hope is that the more it gets posted about, the more attention it will get at Kaseya corporate. 

    When is KAV support for Mac going to be integrated? A quick google search shows evidence that Kaspersky was supporting Mac's back in 2014. Are we to believe that Kaseya is three years or more behind? 

    Mac's are becoming more prevalent in the work place and Mac viruses are also becoming more commonplace. As support technicians, we require the ability to verify the integrity of ALL machine that we support, not just Windows machines.

    We need to know when Mac's will be supported by KAV.  

  • Hi Rob,

    I noticed this as well and I am not sure when (and if) Mac integration will be fully implemented for Kaspersky.

    I do know that Kaseya offers an alternative and it is the Webroot option which is fully integrated. I personally like Webroot better than Kaspersky and the great thing is that with Webroot you can have it installed at the same time as Kaspersky. Since Webroot works differently it doesn't slow down your system when both AVs are installed. After it is deployed, you can remove Kaspersky at your leisure and possibly even see a performance increase.

    I know this response doesn't solve your issue but its the only solution that I found.

    Hope this helps!