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When will KAV be updated with Kaspersky 10 SP2?

  • I note Kaspersky recently released Endpoint Security 10 SP2 (version which provides among other things 'support for Windows 10 creators update (redstone 2)'.


    With the Creators Update for Windows now imminent can we please get an idea of a release timeframe for KAV to include this new Kaspersky build.


    forgot link to Kaspersky website
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  • It's good to see the Kaspersky release preceding the Windows update.

    Last time Kaseya needed a few weeks to integrate, so hopefully this month will see the update...

    Blocking the Creator update seems a good idea, but wasn't able to find much info yet that's publicly available.

    @Kaseya: Any ideas or knowledge yet how to block the Creator's Update in Patch Management?

  • We definitely need some more information on this. We have close to 6000 endpoints that we have almost finished migrating from classic to KAV which has been a painful episode.

    We could do with knowing when this new update will be released to us, if that patch will require yet another upgrade of our 8000 agents yet again before we can install/upgrade through KAV as has been happening every two weeks now for months, whether the KAV SP will require a reboot (presumably it will) and whether installing it on the machine will allow for Redstone 2 to be installed in situ or whether KAV will have to be removed, the Windows update installed, then KAV installed all over again.

    It took us an awfully long time going through this with the anniversary update and so many machines need to be manually accessed and cleaned up with KAVremover, we could really do with not wasting any more time on this product.

  • I do agree 100% with this sentiment. We have almost 5000 Kaspersky installs and it's been an enormous challenge to move everything from Classic versions to the latest and greatest in new KAV.

    At the moment this is a reasonably stable situation, Kaseya has done a lot of good in the current  version. I would really hate to see Kaseya and Kaspersky go through a big upgrade...

    Since this hasn't gotten a response yet from Kaseya I've asked my customer advocate representation guru to do some digging what the status is....

  • Good luck! Keep us posted, we are desperate to know what's coming next!

  • I would like to know the results of this when you hear back as well. I'd like to imagine Kaseya is just waiting and ready to push out the patch

  • SP2 will be part of the 9.5 release in the early summer.  The current Kaspersky version in the field will work fine with the Creators Update that is being released this month.  SP2 does have a number of fixes that will be good to get released in 9.5 . We have decided to put it into 9.5 since the API layer changed significantly and we want to do extensive testing before we release it

  • OK Jim, thanks for the update, that clears up our concerns.

    I can confirm from testing yesterday, I was able to deploy the current Kaspersky version ( without problems after running the Creators Update. And another colleague ran the Creators Update with Kaspersky already installed. I'm happy to confirm that was no problem. Nice to see we don't have to look forward to a lot of update work, quite yet.... :-)

    So, we'll give it a few days to see if updates will run reliably. Hope to update this next week...

  • I am so happy to see this!!

    We migrated from KES to KAV last year (before we knew about classic and new module) , and still in the process of KAV classic to KAV... having to do another huge scale upgrade might of killed me!

  • I've seen and heard no issues with the current Kaspersky version and the Creators Update. Kaspersky updates run fine, settings work. The only thing is Windows Defender is integrated more and more resistant to tinkering. Most people will have an Agent Procedure to disable Defender. Came across a setting to also disable the Security Health Service. Preventing unwanted warnings geared to let users activate Windows Defender; not really what you need with Kaspersky (or any 3rd party AV) active....

  • I concur with . Creator's update installed no problem with KAV SP1 MR3 installed on a handful of machines I have tested with. No need to remove it and reinstall following this update. As mentioned, Windows Defender likes to put in more of an appearance following installing the update though.