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Auto AV Scan USB Drive

  • I am wondering is there a way to trigger AV/AM to run a quick scan on a newly plugged in USB drive, just in case someone finds a random USB drive and decides to plug it into their computer.

    I found the setting in Kaspersky but how do I activate it for everyone?  Any tips, solutions or workarounds would be great, thank you for your help!

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  • i was told by support that this was not supported in KAV, case in point that you don't see it in the profile selection. i believe this made it onto the feature requests board but nothing was done with it. if i recall correctly the 'reasoning' behind why it was not supported had something to do with handling the GUID of volumes in VSA

  • Thanks for your input; I currently have a ticket open with them.  If there is good news I will let you know the results.

  • Ishan Chaudhuri (Kaseya)

    30 Aug 2017, 06:13 BST

    Hi Aaron,

    This feature is not there in the VSA and it is not in the pipeline as of now.

    However you can raise a feature request regarding this:

    Feature Requests and Suggestions are now handled directly via the new Helpdesk Knowledge Base area:helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../20135356-Feature-Requests. This KB area is actively monitored by our Product Managers. As well as submitting new ideas, you may vote ('Like') ideas others have submitted, by clicking on the "Me Too!" button. You can also see what's planned and track when the ideas suggested have been implemented.

    Please note this ticket has not been copied to the Feature Request area. We ask you that you submit this suggestion directly on the relevant category there, by clicking on the "SUGGEST AN IDEA" button.

    Please let me know.

    This is what they had for me

  • This kinda sucks to certain extend, at least give us the option to do quick scan.

    Downloaded a test EICAR file on a USB, and it does not detect anything the moment i plug in my removable drive...

    This features is not there and not in the pipeline? It's a whole tons of risk we are facing man....

  • I have to agree with you, this is a pretty pathetic ommission that this far down the line and a complete re-write of the KAV module has still not been addressed. This should be a default AV 101 setting that should be available in the profile settings.

    Post a link to your feature request so we can upvote it, although that usually gets us nowhere!

    Does anyone from Kaseya have any input on this?

  • Can you share what version of Kaspersky you're running as per your screenshot?

  • Sure thing.

  • I did not see it created in the Feature Request area so I created one....waiting for it to be approved and I will post the link.

    Still not approved but I will post the link in preparation.... https://helpdesk.kaseya.com/hc/en-gb/community/posts/115001326192-KAV-Ability-to-Scan-USB-Drives-Profile-Setting

    Feature Request URL
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  • Hello, everyone. We heard your concerns and made it happen. Patch was released. One of the things we've added is:

    Scanning removable drives is now supported. It is visible under Antivirus > Configuration > Profiles > Advanced Settings tab > Scan Removable Drives on Connection. It is configurable to run quick scan, detailed scan, or do nothing. It is turned off by default. (NINEFOURPT-694/EXT-3282)

    Check out the full release notes: http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/#40019.htm.

  • Unfortunately Patch 33 just got pulled, so you'll have to wait a little while.

    would you be so good as to find out what the intention is now, will we have to wait weeks or...?

    There's other KAV stuff in there that fixes a few tickets we have and we'd love to use that...

  • I am showing patch 34 on the cloud version.

  • Apologies for missing this. We had pushed out already and it was deployed over SaaS over the weekend as mentioned. I hope you guys enjoy the fixes and enhancements we've put in place.