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Kaspersky erro "The operating system is not presently configured to run on this application "

  • Hello All,

    I have been having users complaining of constantly getting an error message that reads " The operating system is not presently configuration to run this application". In the past I have simply uninstalled and reinstalled the software through Kaseya and that seems the issue. However, now users who i reinstalled Kaspersky in the past are constantly seeing the error message now. Any ideas on what the issue here could be? I have attached a screenshot of the error message. 

  • Sounds like you might have something like an old office version on the machine. Usually the recommended fixes are to run the office cleanup tools to remove all traces of previous office versions, then run a full repair on the current office version.

    tl;dr - kaspersky is trying to integrate with an office version that no longer exists [probably because the machine has had the version of office upgraded, but old files an/or registry keys related to the old office install remain].

  • Hey Craig,

    Thanks for the information! I will take a look at the computer and reply with an update.