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KAV - Kaspersky definition files failing to update

  • Hi All,

    Our Support and Engineering teams are working on identifying and addressing some of the issues with Kaspersky Anti Virus (KAV).

    Below is a new KB Article that support has verified and published in order to address one one of the issues that Support is seeing with KAV:


    This KB is for the following issue:


    Kaspersky virus definitions are failing to update on KAV endpoints.

    Please note - this article does NOT apply to situations where Kaspersky is up-to-date but Kaseya console shows it is out-of-date.

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  • So far, appears to be working for me. Will update if I find that it isn't.

  • Did not fix for all machines but appears to have helped quite a few. Still investigating.

  • In our situation things only seem to be getting worse. Kaseya would report about one third of our 4,300 KAV installations as out-of-date. That has now gone up to two thirds. At least in the Kaseya interface.

    So, the update being set to a two hour interval has only made things worse. This is getting ridiculous....

  • Seems to work, however, the profiles then go out of compliance next update check and until reapplied will go out of date again.

  • 0.15 released and No Fix for this as promised.

  • This was supposed to be the fix to put all KAV related issues to bed.

    Already bet my colleagues I was going to eat my hat if that was true... :-)

  • At least their billing has no issues so they can bill their clients for all the crap that doesn't work.

  • Well, to be fair to support, they do work on this issue and progress is being made. Still, it is mighty disappointing to see this module fail in a lot of ways. They are working under a lot of pressure to fix things. In another post management has even made an official statement 4 days ago on the current known issues: community.kaseya.com/.../21809.aspx

    That's something I haven't seen before, not like this. So, being aware and getting it  known manages our expectations. They will solve this, I just hope it will be soon. Waiting on patch to make a big impact...