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KAV issue with events not being processed

  • We've been dealing with this for months now as well. The larger issue is that it doesn't just affect KAV, when KAV does this is impacts all sorts of things, even a simple agent delete will not function. We have ran into multiple issues with other modules when KAV gets jammed up. We have moved away from KAV for this reason, just wanted to pass it along, check your other modules when KAV starts to act up.

  • Just an update from me, since I started this way back last year.

    As has been reported in other messages, we've had good results with the last patch and even before that with support adding some queue cleaning options for us. So, only very rarely will queue problems cause issues with tasks not working or being delayed for a long time.

    Also the percentage of KAV installations not updating or profiles being out of compliance has gone done a lot and is now around 5% of all installations. We just need to deal with issues we were not able to identify earlier and are now easily visible and we will get this done in the next week or so.

    Not every issue is solved, but the most problematic certainly seem under control. And that did take too long, that's clear. Just glad we're now looking ahead to enjoying Kaseya once again.