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Current Issues with KAV?

  • Thanks marc. That makes me feel better

  • i've worked at two places where we used KAV and it is a nightmare every version from 6-8-10. We've lost so many man hours and headaches trying to make this work... at this point it is not funny. Profiles not applying, exclusions not applying, updates not downloading, corrupted, installations getting disconnected from the console, failed installs with vague error messages, etc. etc. etc.

  • Have you placed a support ticket with Kaseya? Seems very strange to have so many problems.

    My problem and reported by many others was the profile kept going out of compliance every few days.

    It was fixed and eventually tied to when the last audit of a workstation was ran. We found that if we updated the profile and ran an audit more often than once every week or every few weeks, the out of profile issue went away.

    Now we set up profile alerts to advise us when definitions are more than 5 days old, but we check daily and find just a few each day. We click on Start Update and when we check back in an hour or so, the flags are gone and the definitions database has been updated.

    When the database is reported as being updated, but the flags and alerts report the database is out of date, 9 out of 10 times a reboot is required and everything is right again.

  • I could write a book with all the ticket's we've opened.... Every time is something different or it'll be fixed in the next release... very frustrating...

  • Call Kaseya and speak to Lenny Simon or his boss, Michael Duncan. They will get it resolved.

  • We're on Kaseya and have constant issues with KAV.  Profiles "out of compliance" which don't resolve with re-rolling profiles, and we've now had to remove KAV from almost 10 different (Windows 7, 8, and 8.1) systems because of random hangs in silly things like just opening up IE and going to a routine web site, compatibility issues with KAV hanging Outlook 2013 any time an appointment reminder pops up, etc.  Just today we had to remove it from three unrelated client systems to remedy various "random sporadic hang" issues.

  • If the product was flawed, then many of us would not be using it and there would be many more complaining about the money we spent, the time we spent and the problems we are facing. However, it has been my experience that in this case, the problem is on your VSA server if you are using an on premise server and needs to be looked at by support.

    What version of KAV are you using? Are your profiles migrated from an earlier version? Have you reviewed the various KAV options in your profiles?