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AV Database Date - Out of date

  • Our problem is that the AV machine status is not actualizing any more. 70% of our clients are saying in KAV Console: last definition Update 2-3 months ago, but when i take a look on clients, the defintion update is up to date. we are " flying blind" :-(

  • This has recently started happening to me as well. I have opened a ticket with Kaseya. I checked the licensing and it appears to be up to date. The AV appears to be updated with the most recent definitions, but the VSA is reporting from week-weeks ago.

  • A reboot of the endpoint usually takes care of it for me but that's not a super great solution with the large number of endpoints that it happens to.  Seems like their would be something we could reset on the endpoint to get it talking correctly again.  I've tried restarting the agent but that doesn't seem to do the trick.

  • I opened a ticket with Kaseya support on this issue and they have said the following:

    "Thank you for contacting Kaseya Support. This is currently a known issue that is on the engineering backlog. I can confirm that this is currently on one of the highest priorities. I will be placing this ticket attached to the problem ticket and on hold. You will be notified as soon as a resolution is found. Doing a repair has been known to potentially resolve the issue, but it may or may not. Thank you."

  • we opened the ticket about 2 months ago with the same kaseya support answer and since then i hear every week "highest priority" without any solution/fix/workaround

  • Same issue

    Kaseya here

  • Wish I would have known about this earlier.  Had a "License key expired" machine become infected with a cryptolocker variant.  Had to restore multiple network shares due to encrypted files.