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agent procedure not approved - KAV install

  • Dear  Josh and kuuser,

    I have had problems with KAV for the past 24 months and counting, mostly with Out of Compliance issues. I installed patch and the problem re-appeared with procedure failing when applying profile.

    I reapplied Schema's and that appears to have resolved the applying issue. Andres also loaded a special patch on my machine to fix the Out of Compliance issue every few days and it appears to be working as machines that  I re-apply once, don't come back days later, but it's too early to tell. I will update this thread in the next few days as to my success or continuing failure.

    Josh, I too looked at suing Kaseya for none delivery of services and still charging me every month, but if you the terms and agreements you may find it's and uphill battle. Look to get it fixed as the best solution, or look elsewhere to replace this module.

  • I am seeing this issue cropping up since my patching update on Sunday They have since released one new patch, but the release notes don't include anything addressing this issue.

  • I just got a new one: Apply Skin FAILED to load KSC: Apply Skin (ID = 970). Error: This agent procedure has not been approved yet.

    We're running  I'm upgrading to latest now to see if it's resolved.

    Edit: I'm also reinstalling schema.

    I'm also reinstalling schema.
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  • Upgraded and reinstalled schema, I do not get those errors now.

  • I had this same issue happen to me in The issue is resolved by simply restarting the KAV service on the VSA server. Kaseya support has said that this is a known issue.