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agent procedure not approved - KAV install

  • I cant push any KAV install without getting an error 

    FAILED to load KAV: Get Install Log (ID = 93102911). Error: This agent procedure has not been approved yet.

    Ticket has been submitted and of course development is looking into it.

     It's very embarrassing when you go to a client to install KAV across the network and having Kaseya bug out like no other.
    "Ah yeah sir, the new product that were installing for you isn't working correctly and has a bug. Let me submit a ticket".......yeah real professional

    Anyone else seeing this issue?

  • Try running reapply schema and reattempt this.

  • This is still happening after the .16 update was ran and reapply happens automatically

  • FWIW, I successfully pushed a KAV install last night.  

  • Prior to this error, was this a failed installation or attempted repair?

  • We are seeing this same issue

    FAILED to load KAV: Get Install Log (ID = 54278321). Error: This agent procedure has not been approved yet.

  • The problem is that the KAV: Get Install Log script ID is different for every server.

    Looking at mine, it does not equal to Yogi's 54278321.

    Instead I have 2 entries which equal 63142215 and 10425169.

    Taking a quick look further, these IDs do not have entries in the ScriptApproval table.

    If you insert 2 records for these script IDs and re-attempt the install, it should pass, unless there is another record pointer I'm not seeing.

    Havent tested this yet though so attempt this if you are sql savvy.

  • Hacking the scriptapproval table does not work. Been there, tried that. There is a lot more to script approvals (it looks to be a digital signature system) - this table is just a quick way of looking up if a script is approved or not - it is not the actual approval.

  • I think I figured out how it hashes it, but these functions are spread out throughout a couple of assemblies.

    At this point the app references, what appears to be, computed hashes based from the scriptHash table, and only then if the 2 strings match will it execute the procedure.

    Only way now is to wait for developers to release a fix for this which will either A, allow us to approve these 2 scripts or B, find a way to modify the MarkedObject for these 2 procedures and allow us to mark it for approval or C, slip in a patch during the next cycle to have these approved.

  • So it can be marked, however since these are system scripts and do not have a treeNode entry, it will never populate with the view, and therefore will never show up.

    Devs need to step in and fix this unfortunately.

  • 2014-07-29_09-58-36.png

    I was able to fix the issue.

    Easy fix, if you trust yourself enough with sql modifications.

    I'm still on 6.5 so this was a nice challenge.

  • you know what is really sad? As much $$$$ as we pay these people we are still working our own issues out? Go figure.......

    Oh.....and i'm tired of hearing, submit a ticket......Oh our devs are looking at it.

    Just fix the freaking issue!!!!!!

  • Same issue here too - Anyone have an update yet?

  • Just logged ticket with same issue, among various other ones.

    If you have a solution, please would you be as kind as to share it?

  • Hello

    The vast majority of the causes for this error have been resolved in the latest patch "18"

    There are a few other causes that should be fixed in the following patch "19"