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Alert Profiles in 6.5

  • Has anyone accomplished anything successful with them?  We just enabled on a number of agents (no way to automate this it appears which is unfortunate), and on agents with problems (eg, alert on KAV removed, alert on KAV disabled), we're getting email alerts every 3 minutes.  There doesn't appear to be a way to set the interval of the alert - there's no re-arm option anywhere.  Anyone else manage to get this to work properly?

  • I contacted K Support about this very issue.  They told me there is no way to customise the frequency of the alerts at the moment so I have raised a feature request for that.  I also requested that this is added to the K policy module.

  • Any update on this from Kaseya? I'm appalled that the alerting function is so poorly implemented. Any improvement in V7 or V8?

  • We had this 'feature' turned on for a short time - had thousands of emails a day that we were unable to control without turning it off again!!  Really hopeless.