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Alert Profiles - KAV Definitions

  • Is anyone using the Alert Profile(s) for KAV to alert on Virus Definitions being out of date? I'm getting conflicting messages where it says the Kaspersky Antivirus client definitions have not been updated for at least 10 days (xx days). The last update was 12/26/2013. So it's doing an Update, but the Virus Definitions are not getting updated, or they are and it's generating a false error.

    Where can I manually see what the date of the Virus Definitions are?

    If I do a Manual Update through the KAV Console, it does the Update Process, but still says Antivirus Definitions Not Up-to-date.


  • Bill,

    Based on your post - you are asking two different questions:

    To see the virus definition of the endpoint - I recommend KLC > command prompt and running the following command:  'avp.com statistics updater'

    This will show you the last attempt by the updater.

    The Event Log Set monitors the entry made by Kaspersky within the Windows Event Logs and reports back based on time/date.

  • It shows last attempt by the Updater. I want to know the Date of the Definitions File that's in place. The Alert Profile is set to Alert if > 2 Days Old, but I'm getting Alerts for 0 Days Old. The KAV Console will show you the Database Engine Date, but not the Definitions File.