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KAV Profiles continually need to be re-assigned

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Once or twice a week I have to review all my Machine Groups to find machines "Configuration is out of compliance with the profile". Why does this continually happen every few days? This appears to happen in every group and with different machines each week.

I read another post regarding Policy Management where the same issue appears to happen that machines assigned to profiles, loose their profile assignment too. I have not setup Policy management for just that reason that machines loose their policy assignments.

Is this problem related and if not then why do we have to continue to review and assign profiles over and over to the same machines?


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  • Except in October this was finally resolved and I have had no issues since and I am now on 8.0.12. Support found issues on my VSA and installed BETA versions until we got it right. That was 7.0.16 or 17. It proved to fix the problem and now that fix has been in every release.

    One thing we did to keep profiles in compliance was change our audit schedule for once every two weeks to weekly or every few days. Not a big deal and with proper scheduling not as taxing on our VSA resources. By running the audit more frequently, the profile changes with each database update is reaffirmed and stays in compliance.

  • Oh wow. I was about to get really mad this morning. I recently found that almost all of my KAV machines no longer had a profile assigned. This made no sense because I assign them upon install and it's also specified in our Policy Management. I have endpoints set to update every day. Instead, I got complaints that machines were not updating. I then look and saw that almost NO endpoints had a profile assigned.

    Luckily, it seems like the issue is fixed now. I'm thinking this actually happened when I updated to version 8. I had to run 2 queries on Kserver and then do some stuff in the message queues. It looks like the profiles are assigning now. I had created a ticket and the fix worked. Unfortunately, I still have to explain what happened and that I did nothing wrong...

  • Profiles out of compliance are also tied to recent audit's so perhaps after you upgraded you did not run a newer audit?

  • Our KServer was no longer processing any new tasks, so it was a back-end problem. I deleted the kes.service private queue and then ran 2 SQL queries: TRUNCATE TABLE kav.unprocessedclientevent,

    TRUNCATE TABLE kav.clienteventdeadletter.  I then restarted the Message Queuing service. After that, my profiles started applying automatically. I was then able to run successful repairs on a few PCs that were failing no matter what we tried (despite having KAV installed).

    I don't know if this was caused from the update from 7 to 8, but did not have any issues until recently. You should probably make a ticket if you have issues like mine, but this fix worked rather well. Thanks to Kaseya help desk.

  • R9 Update - We moved to R9 on 2/3/2015 and have had no issues with KAV, profiles, updates or any such problems. It has been working well and regularly sends us alerts when it has successfully found and removed potential problems before they have become problems. Since the final fix in October of 2014, I can say our experience with KAV has been very positive. None of our clients have had a Virus or Malware issue in 18 months since our KAV issues were addressed and fixed. I have no negative issues to report and for now in R9, it appears to be continuing to do it's job with little efforts on our part.

  • Just one more Kaseya failure to add to the huge list. Aren't they even remotely embarrassed?