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Another month has passed and still no updates

  • I was at the live conference in London afew days back.

    on the anti virus front they are waiting for the engine to be released to them.

    Lots of promises including new remote control software, regular patches and better network monitoring.

    I have faith in the new management they clear found the flaws and are going about fixing them.

    But Kaseya is a big old animal, it will take time!

    I cant wait for the first release in January!

  • It's nice that they're clearly finding flaws, since I"ve been waiting on a fix on a ticket I've had for KSC since August and more than once got the 'we're getting right on that' spiel. with absolutely no results.

    I have had no accurate reporting for my antivirus clients since August 2013.

    And now the roadmap most specifically does NOT have KSC in it, but updates to the KAV and KAM modules.

    Thanks a lot, guys.

  • Also, lclark, thank you for that information, because after more than one connection with Kaseya, no one had told -us- that.

  • Also, Carson, Windows 8.1 is not supported by the current Kaspersky 10 engine.  They plan on integrating support in Dec 2013. We did note that clients who upgraded without consultation to Windows 8.1 could not use Kaspersky. support.kaspersky.com/10586

  • OK after finally getting back up to date with our maintenance payments, I am VERY disappointing in knowing that the ONLY fix in four months was one I reported five months ago ... what are we paying support for anyways if nothing gets released ... if this is the case then I would prefer to have an option to get one time support charges for problems, and have hot fixes included in the initial prices for the software, and the only additional charges then should be for point releases ... but of course that means everything will then be treated as we will fix that in the next release and hot fixing will go away entirely ... but guess what - IT ALREADY HAS GONE AWAY .....

  • well due to our serious issues with KAV/security module we are going to have to start looking at alternatives. We have had issue after issue with the security module and NO ONE AT KASEYA knows how to help us...

    How about those new "execs" gets off their ass and speak to their clients. Not leave it up to a forum admin.

    Sooner then later i will be writing a blog about kaseya and it's new "exec's" if i dont hear something soon.

  • So, I've been on this Beta for KSC for months now. Last communication was back in August which was only a feedback form.

    I cannot deploy KAM at all. I cannot roll back without reinstalling.

    I LOOK BAD IN FRONT OF MY CLIENT!!! Yes, I'm yelling.

    I have made an substantial investment in this product, an it makes me look bad.... oh, what to do now?!? I'm not going to lose my clients... hmmm, other options..... oh yeah, get a product that works and spread the work that Kaseya is crap.

    KNM didn't work well, and it looks to be off the product list. No problem PRTG works great. Monitor 1000 times better.

    I don't trust that Kaseya will notify me when the *** hits the fan. Don't trust that AV is doing anything at all. Still have licensing issues with KAV. Etc. Wondering where my maintenance monies are actually going. Oh yeah, buying new projects that get abandoned.

    A new management team?!? Hey, step up or watch what used to be a great company 5+ years ago die a long and painful death. There is a lot of competition out there!

    My 2 cents!!!