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Can't find assigned licenses

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Hi All,

I've got 50 KAV (workstation) licenses, showing 49 used, but can only see 35 machines with the licenses installed. I think they belong to machines that have had the agent uninstalled. Is there anything I can do to trackdown which machines these might be and/or reset my licenses so I can deploy to the remaining machines without buy new ones? 

I assume there is a timeout period, after which they will return to the pool. I think I remember this being 30 or 90 days. Would prefer not to wait. Anyone have any info?



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  • Looks like I was able to answer my own question. I can now see the remaining licenses in the partial available pool. I suppose the time to return the licenses to the pool is greater than an hour or so and less than 24 hours. Not a definitive answer, but a good one in any case.

  • My suggestion to work on a kind of Enterprise Security Software is better than individually because their may be time taken steps to install on every individual machine rather than you just need to install a server machine and route it from client from which it automatically install on every machine within minutes.

    Eg.: Protegent Enterprise Security