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Kaspersky suddenly causing some PC's to lock up

  • Currently Kaspersky is in the middle of creating a patch that basically applies the registry key entries for the systems still affected.   Below are the entries that can be removed in order to apply the new database update released:

    REG DELETE HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\protected\AVP80\profiles\Scan_Startup /f

    REG DELETE HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\protected\AVP80\profiles\Scan_Quarantine /f

    REG DELETE HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\protected\AVP80\profiles\Scan_Objects /f

    REG DELETE HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\protected\AVP80\profiles\Scan_My_Computer /f

    What these entries do is prohibit the startup scan from initializing (which is what ultimately locks up these machines due to the definition update).

    When the above entries are executed, a new update will apply to the Kaspersky UI and will ultimately fix the issue caused by the bad update from yesterday.

    We are in constant communication with Kaspersky to alleviate this situation and get it resolved for all parties affected.


    Kaseya Support

  • Do those reg entries supposed to get added back on a reboot or update?  Just checking as I've deleted them and forced an update and rebooted.  They didn't come back, which is fine as long as they are not needed.

  • Not sure if this will help anyone now. But just in case.

    Thank you for submitting your concern to Kaspersky Lab Corporate Support. We apologize for any inconvenience your organization may be experiencing due to this issue. Please follow the below steps for resolution:

    1. Reboot computer

    2. Immediately start update task (Local or Group Task)

    If you have a startup scan enabled some additional steps may be required. If you are having any trouble trying to update after reboot please perform the following steps:

    1. Run the patch either locally, or deployed via SC/AK

    2. Reboot computer

    3. Start update task (Local or Group Task)

    4. For those who are unable to boot into Windows, please boot into safe mode and run the patch, then you can boot back into normal mode and run the update task.

    Patch Details:

    Simply run the file kav6mp4_hf_disable_local_scan.exe

    This file can be downloaded from our FTP Site. Details are below:

    FTP Server: ftp.kasperskyftp.com

    User: 604

    Pass: 0190055458