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User Interaction popups

  • Does anyone know if the user interaction popups (Allow/Deny popups) on the Kaspersky application are logged somewhere?

    It would be great to see what is popping up on users systems so that I can explicitly exclude any necessary applications to prevent these pop-ups from annoying users.

  • Why on earth should we have to manage well known applications as exceptions to stop popups OR is there a setting somewhere that we can turn 'down' to reduce KAV/Kasperkys sensitivity.  

    This is just plain annoying.  We are a current KAV user, but WebRoot certainly looks very  appealing at the moment with its 'white listed applications' like method of operating.  

    Perhaps we are missing something in the configuration of KAV, happy for someone to tell me otherwise.

  • What sort of interaction popups are you referring to?

    We noticed the module "Proactive antivirus" causing alot of popups telling the user that known windows systemfiles needed attention.

    Since we had alot of issues before with this module. we decided to disable it for our customers.