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When will KAV 1.4 support Windows 8?

  • lcark - I did not write that the product sucks, I wrote that having to connect to every endpoint to see the actual state of the product sucks. We need the control panel to be accurate and reliable and many times it is not. The roadmap has more items over 6 months late in delivery or in Development than completed and delivered items. It's not accurate or close to being accurate.

  • I just want to add a +1 that this is getting ridiculous.  It's now the middle of September and it has been 5 months since we've gotten an update on a feature that should have been in progress a year ago.

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  • Kaseya, how much longer do you expect maintenance paying customers to wait on this?

  • Now we're waiting to see when it'll support 8.1

  • The new members of the Kaseya management team will be doing a live Webinar on October 14th & 15th.  "The management team will introduce themselves, talk about their near-term priorities, and take your questions."


  • if anyone missed it

    Well it was announced that KAV will support Windows 8 and Server 2012 in the Winter release (supposedly January but said that an exact date was not set) there was no mention if that includes 8.1 but I would hope so

    also the roadmap is scheduled to be updated sometime next week (week of Oct 21st) again no exact day but at least there is something

    that is all