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Automating KAV/KAM via Agent Installation

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My company deploys about 200 new laptops every summer and we want to make sure that KAV/KAM is installed on every one of those computers. The current process of manually installing KAV/KAM via Kaseya is not scalable. Is there a way to set up Kaseya Agents so that when an agent is installed KAV/KAM are automatically installed with that particular client?

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  • You could use a agent procedure and event alerts. When a alert is seen in the event log that a agent is installed, you can let that alert start a script. A script that installs the KAV and KAM on that system. Hope this helps.

  • Unfortunately there is a lot more to both the KAV and KAM installations than just calling the "KAV: Install" or "KAM: Install" agent procedure.  At this time, there is no workable way to call the installation process on either of these modules without using the "Install" button within the module.

    There has been ongoing discussions about changing some of the installation processes to allow for scripting / adding to template / etc., but these are still extremely preliminary.



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  • I go through all machines almost every day to push KES out. Having local file servers helps, but as far as automating the install...there is currently no solution. The Agent Procedure that is triggered when initiating an install is not accessible. I even tried using a template, scheduling the install, and then copying the template to another machine, with no success. Welcome to the jungle :P