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Unable to deploy KAV 1.3

  • After performing UPGRADES from KAV 1.2 to 1.3, the upgrades started encountering failures. Now, the UPGRADE procedure no longer works. Attempts to uninstall and install fail as well. Verifies fail. Basically at this point, its a boat anchor. Anyone run into this issue?

  • we had a similar issue. logged with support .. answer -

    your server is not correctly processing KAV events at the moment. Checking the errors in the server logs and based on previous cases with the same issue could you please try purge the discarded message queue for kes.service (this is actually for KAV).

    Server Mgr > Features > Private Msg Queue > Kes.Service > Discarded

    (Right Click > All Tasks > Purge)

  • wait for their webinar on KAV 1.3 updates. Attend it and raise question there which might be helpful.

  • Don't upgrade. We have just gone through this process and it broke over 150 computers and still waiting for Kaseya to resolve the issues.

  • Dont upgrade -

    Upgrade not always removing KES correctly

    Alternative Kes removal first to be safe or "Other AV" is manual/script anyway

    Script to check KES is gone created

    Issue with any remnants of "other" in a long list of programs posted on another thread

    So after stuffing around we now have a group of machines ready to take KAV


    They have KAV 1.2 u and just need to run the upgrade process. (be sure your agents are up to the latest first)

    Script to copy install files from our internet source to local machine or UNC source

    Script to copy install files from UNC share to the individual machines

    Run KAV upgrades and installs on qty of machines.

    Process works for some then stops working and upgrades in limbo for days and hours wasted trying to get working, support ticket logged, bug/issues in msg queue, installs running again

    Update tonight*Now the KES removals have stalled…ticket logged

    So, now we get a bunch of machines that finally have KAV installed

    Major issue with the exclusion requirements deal with since day one finally seem to have settled

    We create a script to disable network file scanner

    We create a script to redirect the update process to use a LAN share for large sites

    We create a script to update registry guard with required exclusions for Live Connect to function without popups

    We setup klupdater on the machines that will provide the local share location for updates

    Run scripts etc and finally we have a few machines migrated

    99% of the work done after hours, 99% non chargeable labour

    only 700 odd machines to go ..

    Not feeling very liberated..

    Oh Rajeev, ill remember to check on that webinar cause im sure that will help us deal with all of the above.

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  • I do have KAV 1.3 downloaded and ready for upgrade but am always doubtful about new updates. Usualy go last for these updates.

  • I think I have a fix for the install problems. Have to test a dozen more machines to make sure. Will post the fix here.

  • Please do as our machines are stuffed

  • KAV 1.3 workstations installs are being blocked by a hidden AV driver.

    If you remote into a machine and run C:\kworking\kavwrks.en.msi, you will see a prompt stating it cannot install until a driver is uninstalled.

    McAfee Anti-Virus File Systems Filter Driver.


    To fix the install problems, run the KAVREMOVER (2012) and the MCPR.EXE

    Reboot and then run your workstation install again.





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  • RE: the Kes discard queue.  I've found with hit hits around 10,000 we cannot deploy KAV or assign profiles.  As a result i'm checking the queue length with the following command daily.  Does anyone have an automated method of purging the queue until we can get rolled over the KAV 1.4

    Powershell Command

    Get-WmiObject Win32_PerfFormattedData_msmq_MSMQQueue| Where-Object {$_.Name -eq 'atskaseya\private$\kes.service'} | ForEach-Object {$_.MessagesInQueue}

    Thank you,

  • zpeters,

    Have you opened a ticket for this?  I would like to investigate what is causing the queue to fill, and see if there is remediation that can be taken on the root cause.  Additionally, there is a nightly job that should be purging the queue, and if this is not running I would like to investigate that failure as well.  Reply back to the thread with a ticket number for this, and I will take a look.



    Kaseya Support

  • We've probably opened 10 different cases, all resulting in "the queue is full, please upgrade to 1.4".  THere has never been a solution.

    Can you send contact information to peters@appliedtech.us and I will pass long Case numbers.

  • @SteveMorris - Where abouts can we perform these tasks?

    Server Mgr > Features > Private Msg Queue > Kes.Service > Discarded

    (Right Click > All Tasks > Purge)

  • Who can I contact or have look into this service?  Several times we've had people state that there is a service to take care of this, but never an explanation of why it isn't working.  The answer is always upgrade to KAV 1.4.  

    I've created a new ticket CS124991 for you to take care of this under.