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KAV 1.3 - where's the features at?

  • I have had this registry protection issues, too. I have an open ticket and have worked extensively with tech support to get it resolved.

    The work around for now is to add the Kaseya installation path to the exclusions in you KAV profiles. I do not recommend using just c:\program files\kaseya or c:\program files (x86)\kaseya as this will allow hackers a free shot at our clients. Include the full path, including your license code.

    I see several people complaining about the 140MB upgrade and it re-booting twice during the process; when to upgrade without interuption. I schedule upgrades to run when my clients businesses are closed. I have clients that are open 24X7 that I work out an exceptable schedule with.

    Someone mentioned they can't control when the clients get the updates... why not? I select when each of my clients get the update. They do NOT get automaticly upgraded to the 1.3 client, at least mine didn't. I had to click the Install\Upgrade Client Version to deploy it.

    I read about performance issues... I had a few issues like that, too. I sold them new computers or upgrades and they are some of my happiest customers. I call that opportunity and that's one of the BIGGEST reasons I do managed services--opportunities. I build PC's with SSD's, have been for over a year. They cold-boot in 15 seconds and open Quickbooks in  seconds. I install the agent and KAV before I delivery the units so I can plug them in and leave. We transfer data from offsite while they work at another station if that's what it takes.We are creative people, all of us, you probably are too. So be a little creative, work it out; isn't that what we all do for our clients?

    As far as the other issues, I recommend opening tickets with tech support.

    yea, yea they don't respond quickly, they don't call back... whatever. I, too, have had those issues with tech support. Here's what I decided to do... and it works.  I asked myself how would I handle this situation if it was my customer having the problem and it was me they were calling. Of course, I am always available and I never miss a call and I ALWAYS call people back quickly...oh wait... none of that is correct, I get tied up, I'm understaffed and I get a bit overwhlemed sometimes. So, I first decide, how much do I know about the problem. Then I try to be as clear as possible in summarizing the issue on the ticket. Then, I open a ticket. Next I start to trouble-shoot the problem at my location. I have plenty of computers at my disposal, I have clients that are happy to work with me; I reward them by giving them free service. Either the monthly fee or on-site service fees, they don't care and they are happy to help.

    When I have finished trouble-shooting the problem I usuallu have a lot more detail for tech support, which I add to the ticket, most of the time. I say that because sometimes they call me back before I get the ticket updated, in which case, we discuss the additional information. They are great to work with and do the best they can. I do not yell at them, (although, I gotten a little short!), and I try to express my urgency only once; they're not stupid they get it.

    I opened this email with the statement that I opened a ticket to resolve the registry protection problem... That was today around 3:45pm. By 6:00pm I have a real work around and they are working on a permanent resolution and the ticket is still opened so I can keep track. I'll call if it doesn't have an update in 7 days. When I call, I will ask for an update to my ticket and I will get it. I will ask if they have an ETA for the fix and let them know I will call back in a week for another update. When I think enough time has passed, I will call the CS Manager and she will help me get answers.

    The last 2 tickets I opened were resolved because I did trouble-shooting instead of sitting around waiting on tech support to do there job. They now know that I can trouble-shoot as good as they can, I think a little better because of the resources I have. I keep extra computers on hand for when a client needs a loaner or a new unit.

    Oh, one last thing... I expect most of us have been in IT for years. Me, 33 years. I have rules in place that my customer MUST follow or they get poor support. A good example is the client that calls MY cell phoe every time he has a problem. He will not call my staff, whose job it is to help him. So, I help him. I take his call, listen to wehat he has to say and get him a technician to help him. Sometimes when he calls I am out of the office and it takes longer to get his issue resolved. He only complained once.  I told him if he called my shop, he would get a tech within a couple of minutes or he could open a ticket via the agent. either method would be quicker than calling my cell phone. He still calls my cell phone but he no longer complains.

    The point is, he is a smart man, an attorney. He knows he is not following the proper procedures so he cannot complain about the results, or the lack there of. I know he know this because it's what I told him the only time he did complain. And now he doesn't. He still calls my cell and I still get him a tech.

    Forums are horrible places to try to have conversations.. too many pro-nouns!

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  • One more thing... in my installation, network scans are NOT on by default; unlike Rick Mras' installtion.

    and if everbody thinks Kaseya did such a crappy job on the 1.3 upgrade, why are you in a hurry for 1.4? do you think they do better work today?

    I, for one, think they did a very good job. I have only had one issue that I had to open a ticket for and I already have a work around.

  • I know this thread is pretty inactive now, but I wanted to follow up... I finally got on the pre-release list for KAV 1.4... MUCH better!  I know the public release was delayed, but I can assure you it is worth the wait (I, for one, can appreciate the fact that they delayed the release to make sure they got it right this time around).  Keep watching for it folks... and don't waste any time getting it installed!