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When is KAV for Servers expected to be released? And a work arround for now.

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I was just wondering when you estimate KAV will be released for servers. I require this functionality now, however I do not wish to manually roll out anti-virus software that is not intergrated into Kaseya. What is the KES? Could this be used to protect my servers in place of the KAV? Or are there any other solutions?



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  • KES is AVG integrated into Kaseya.  You can use it for your servers.  Though, I'm hoping they get KAV (kaspersky) working soon myself. On workstations, we've found KAV to have less problems then KES.  

  • Hello Lloyd,

    Please see link to the KAV 1.2 forum below.


    If you have an on-premise server then you can submit a support ticket to request KAV 1.2 as it is in controlled release.

    KES is the a current Security module for on-premise which is based on the AVG engine.